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EtherNet/IP Tutorial 4: Hands-On with the TruCount™ Absolute Encoder

Learn how to set up and use the TruCount™ Absolute Encoder in both Step-Servo Quick Tuner and Studio5000. We'll discuss homing the encoder, setting up software limits, and we'll walk through a real example of configuring Electronic Gearing with a linear actuator to make move calculations easy. The demo in this video makes use of Application Note 52 - TruCount™ Absolute Encoder Homing Setup, which can be downloaded from our Application Notes page.

All of the EtherNet/IP Tutorial videos in this series are available in this YouTube playlist.

This video is helpful whether you're using EtherNet/IP communications or not.

  1. The first part of the video covers how to use the Step-Servo Quick Tuner software to establish the absolute home position and software end-of-travel limits.
  2. The second part covers how the absolute encoder interacts with the Add On Instructions inside a Studio5000 project.

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