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StepSERVO Drives

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StepSERVO Drives

StepSERVO Drives are the closed-loop versions of our well established, high performance, microstepping step motor drives. By incorporating closed-loop servo control algorithms in these drives and pairing them with StepSERVO Motors with high resolution encoders, we are able to create StepSERVO systems with performance that greatly exceeds conventional step motor performance. Peak torques as much as 50% higher, smoother, quieter operation and lower power consumption are just some of the benefits of StepSERVO Drive and Motor systems. To view compatible StepSERVO Motors click here.

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Model Number Supply Voltage Control Modes Output Current
Output Current, Peak
Communication Ports 1pc. Compare
24-70 VDC EtherCAT 10 15 EtherCAT $476.00
24-70 VDC EtherCAT 5 7.5 EtherCAT $476.00
24-70 VDC EtherCAT 3 4.5 EtherCAT $476.00