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STAC5 Stepper Drives - AC Line-Driven Advanced Microstepping Drives w/ Ethernet

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Series Features

Read this important notice about the STAC5 product line.

  • High bus voltage
  • 120 and 220 VAC models
  • Sophisticated current control
  • Advanced anti-resonance algorithm
  • Torque ripple smoothing
  • Fast 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Supports Ethernet UDP & TCP protocols
  • Available with built-in EtherNet/IP communications
  • Stall prevention/detection with encoder feedback
  • Microstepping to 51,200 steps/rev
  • Microstep emulation
  • Idle current reduction
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Products in the Series

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Model Number Supply Voltage Control Modes Output Current, Continuous Communication Ports Encoder Feedback 1pc. Compare
94-135 VAC Streaming Commands, Analog Positioning, Encoder Following, Q Programming, EtherNet/IP 0.5-5.0 A/Phase Ethernet, EtherNet/IP Yes $578.00
94-265 VAC Streaming Commands, Analog Positioning, Encoder Following, Q Programming, EtherNet/IP 0.5-2.55 A/Phase Ethernet, EtherNet/IP Yes $578.00

Series Details

The STAC5 series stepper drives are powerful, two-phase, bipolar step motor drives for high-speed, high-torque applications. With high bus voltage and high current output, STAC5 drives provide even the largest step motors with enough power to get the job done.

Read this important notice about the STAC5 product line.

STAC5 stepper drives employ sophisticated current control designed for optimal smoothness over a wide speed range. Anti-resonance, torque ripple smoothing, and microstepping work together to bring step motor performance to a new high.

Power to the STAC5 drives comes from 120 or 220 volts AC (single-phase). To complement the STAC5 drives Applied Motion offers a specially matched set of low-loss NEMA 23 and 34 frame motors, all specifically designed with high voltage operation in mind.

The STAC5-120 drives operate on 120 VAC and output up to 5.0 A/phase (peak-of-sine) to the step motor. The STAC5-220 drives operate on 220 VAC and output up to 2.55 A/phase (peak-of-sine). Protection features like over-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current prevent damage to STAC5 drives while running in adverse conditions.

There are 3 control options available with the STAC5 stepper drives: S, Q and IP.

  • “S” drives can operate in pulse & direction, velocity, and streaming serial (SCL) control modes. To select the control mode, as well as to setup the motor and configure other drive parameters, use the ST Configurator™ software.
  • “Q” drives can operate in all of the same control modes as an S drive, plus they have the ability to run stand-alone Q programs stored in non-volatile memory. Q programs are created using the Q Programmer™ software, which provides multi-tasking, math functions, conditional processing, data register manipulation, and more features in a robust yet simple text-based programming language. Like S drives, Q drives must first be setup and configured using the ST Configurator™ software.
  • “IP” drives come with built-in EtherNet/IP network communications, the widely used industrial protocol for manufacturing automation applications. With EtherNet/IP users can control, configure and query the drive using an open, standards-based, industrial Ethernet connection at speeds up to 100 MBits/sec. The STAC5-IP drives run all of the same control modes as STAC5-Q drives, with the addition that all drive features can be accessed over EtherNet/IP, including more than 100 commands and 130 registers for controlling motion, I/O, configuration, polling, math, register manipulation, and Q programming. STAC5-IP drives are setup and configured using ST Configurator™, and Q programs are created using Q Programmer™.

For connecting to external devices such as limit switches, proximity or photoelectric sensors, PLC I/O, lamps, and other devices, STAC5-S drives come with 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, and 1 analog input. STAC5-Q and STAC5-IP drives come with 12 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, and 1 analog input.

All STAC5 stepper drives come with Ethernet ports for configuration and programming. The Ethernet ports are fast 10/100 Mbit, and support both TCP and UDP communication packets. The Ethernet ports of IP drives support EtherNet/IP communications as well.

STAC5 drives are available with an encoder feedback connector for applications that demand a higher level of position control than ordinary open-loop step motor systems can provide. Use our double-shaft step motors with incremental encoders and activate either Stall Detection or Stall Prevention in the STAC5 drives. Stall Detection notifies the system as soon as the required torque is too great for the motor, which results in a loss of synchronization between the rotor and stator, also known as stalling. Stall Prevention automatically adjusts motor speed to maintain synchronization of the rotor to the stator under all conditions. This unique feature allows step motors to operate in a much broader range of applications than previously possible, such as torque-control. The Stall Prevention feature also performs static position maintenance, which maintains the position of the motor shaft when at rest. Additionally, the inclusion of the optional encoder allows the motor to be precisely homed to the index (marker) pulse.

STAC5 drives are UL Recognized (File No. E332730), CE approved, and RoHS compliant.

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