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Small Step Motors - NEMA Step Motors for Tight Spaces

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Series Features

  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • Lightweight, compact
  • High torque, hybrid step motor design
  • NEMA sizes 8, 11, 14
  • 1.8° step angle
  • Low cost
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Products in the Series

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Part Number Frame Size Length Holding Torque Series Current Parallel Current Rotor Inertia Compare
NEMA 14 1.02 7.93 NA 0.35 2.83E-04
NEMA 14 1.57 25.53 NA 1.0 2.8E-04
NEMA 14 1.10 9.91 NA 0.6 1.98E-04
NEMA 8 1.16 2.69 NA 0.35 2.27E-05
NEMA 8 1.83 5.95 NA 0.35 5.95E-05
NEMA 11 1.22 7.08 NA 1.0 1.27E-04
NEMA 11 2.05 14.16 NA 1.0 2.55E-04

Series Details

These small step motors in NEMA sizes 8, 11 and 14 are ideal for applications where space is at a premium. Common applications include medical devices, laboratory automation equipment, 3D printers, surveillance equipment, camera controls, pumps, consumer electronics, and many more.

These lightweight and low-cost step motors offer up to 22 oz-in of torque at low speeds. They operate with high step accuracy and resolution as well as low vibration and noise, important factors in many applications.

Each part number is available as single or double-shaft. Customizations for OEM applications are available, including special connectors or cable assemblies and shaft modifications such as flats, thru-holes, custom lengths, and more.

Compatible Drives

These small step motors are compatible with a range of stepper drives that optimize torque and speed performance while providing smooth, accurate motion. For basic step and direction applications see the STR series drives. For on-board motion control and built-in industrial network connections see the STF series drives.

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