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HT24 Step Motors - High Torque NEMA 24 Step Motors

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Series Features

  • 2-phase hybrid step motors
  • High torque design
  • NEMA 24 dimensions
  • 8 mm shaft diameter
  • 4-wire bipolar connection
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Products in the Series

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Part Number Frame Size Length Holding Torque Series Current Parallel Current Rotor Inertia Compare
NEMA 24 1.73 123 NA 2.80 3.68E-03
NEMA 24 2.13 177 NA 4.00 6.37E-03
NEMA 24 3.35 354 NA 4.00 1.27E-02

Series Details

HT24 step motors are suitable for a wide range of motion control applications. Terminated with 4 motor leads, these motors are made to connect to two-phase, bipolar stepper drives.

NEMA 24 motors have mounting dimensions that are very similar to NEMA 23 motors. The bolt hole circle and pilot diameter are the same. The significant differences are the bolt hole diameter and shaft diameter. The bolt hole diameter of HT24 motors are slightly smaller than NEMA 23, and the shaft diameter of HT24 motors are 8 mm, instead of the normal 0.25 inch for NEMA 23 motors. See the individual motor drawings for more details.

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