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Brushless DC Motors

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Brushless DC Motors

This product line has reached end-of-life (EoL). Please read this notification for details.

These brushless DC motors offer long life and low maintenance for applications requiring stable velocity control over a wide speed range. They come in metric frame sizes and are offered with optional gearheads for applications demanding high torque. These are three-phase brushless motors provided with hall signals for commutation and velocity loop feedback. The motors are performance-matched for use with our line of brushless DC drives, which together provide an excellent performance to cost ratio.

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What kind of feedback do these motors have?
The BLDC motors have Hall effect sensor feedback that is used by the BD drives to commutate the motor. Commutation refers to the precisely timed switching of current through the 3 motor phases in order to rotate the motor.

Can a BLDC motor be used to control position?
No, a BLDC motor and drive are designed to control speed only. This makes them ideal for speed control applications such as fans, pumps, and conveyors.