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Brushless DC Drives

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Brushless DC Drives

This product line has reached end-of-life (EoL). Please read this notification for details.

These brushless DC drives are based on advanced control technology that features excellent performance and ease of use. The drives are aimed at applications requiring high performance, high speed stability, basic velocity control, simple setup and low cost in a compact design. Motor velocity over a wide speed range is controlled via analog or digital inputs. Two on-board trimpots make setup simple. Dynamic braking enables the motor to stop quickly. The drives are available with a set of performance-matched brushless DC motors in metric frame sizes.

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What is the speed range that can be commanded with these drives?
150 RPM is the slowest speed that can be commanded with the BD series drives. Below this speed, the motor will be disabled and not have any holding torque. The fastest speed that can be commanded is 4500 RPM. Speed is commanded using either the on-board trimpot, an externally wired trimpot, or with a combination of digital inputs.

Do these drives accept streaming commands from a network connection?
The standard BD drives do not come with a communication cable, however, there is an RS-232 serial communication port used during factory configuration. The communication cable and a basic set of commands are provided only for special projects, so contact Applied Motion for details if needed.