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ZAA Encoder - Incremental Encoder for HT23 and HT24 Step Motors

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Product Features

  • Not eligible for online purchase – Available by quote only
  • Fits onto rear shaft of HT23 and HT24 step motors
  • 1/4” hub diameter
  • 2000 lines (8000 counts per rev.)
  • A, B, and Z (Index) channels
  • Differential outputs
  • 5Vdc input voltage
  • Use with 3004-195-10 extension cable

Product Details

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The ZAA incremental encoder fits on the rear shafts of HT23 and HT24 step motors. To order the encoder factory-assembled onto the rear shaft of the motor add the ZAA suffix to the end of the double-shaft step motor part number. For example, order HT23-601D-ZAA to purchase the HT23-601D step motor and ZAA encoder as a single, factory-assembled part number.

To connect the ZAA encoder to your stepper drive or motion controller you’ll need the 3004-195-10 encoder extension cable.

ZAA encoders can also be ordered separately. Use part number 970-1001 to order the encoder separately.

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