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8500-005 - Daisy Chain Connector Board for TSM11

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Product Features

  • Compatible with TSM11Q-xRM StepSERVO Integrated Motors
  • Separate connectors for power and I/O, and communications
  • RS-485 daisy chain connectivity
  • Sourcing output connections
  • 10-pin power & I/O connector
  • 5-pin RS-485 connectors
  • RoHS Logo

Product Details

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The 8500-005 daisy chain connector kit is an add-on accessory for standard TSM11 StepSERVO integrated motors. It enhances the design of the TSM11 motor by separating the power and I/O connector from the RS-485 connectors to enable easier daisy chain connectivity between the motors and easier wiring for your system.

NOTE: To order TSM11 integrated motors with the 8500-005 connector board pre-installed at the factory, see the “-H01” versions of the motor instead: TSM11Q-1RM-H01, TSM11Q-2RM-H01, and TSM11Q-3RM-H01.

What’s in the Box?

  • 8500-005 daisy chain connection board
  • TSM11 Daisy Chain Board Assembly Guide (also available online)
  • Installation screws
  • 3004-358 power and I/O cable
  • 3004-310-1M RS-485 daisy-chain cable
  • 3004-313-1M RS-485 configuration cable
  • Drive labels

NOT included:

  • Standard TSM11 StepSERVO integrated motor
  • Screwdriver

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