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3004-339 - StepSERVO Motor Feedback Cable

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Product Features

  • For use with HT-SS StepSERVO Motors
  • Compatible with motor frame size NEMA 11
  • Extends connection between motor feedback and a compatible SS StepSERVO Drive
  • AMP mating plastic connector on motor end
  • AMP mating plastic connector on drive end
  • RoHS Logo

1 meter cable

3 meter cable

5 meter cable

10 meter cable

Product Details

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This is an encoder extension cable for use with HT-SS type StepSERVO Motors and SS StepSERVO Drives. It is 1 meter long and is compatible with the following NEMA 11 frame motor types:

  • HT11-SSxDGx

This cable is not compatible with any other motor types.

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