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3004-333-3M - I/O Cable, angled M12 to flying leads

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Product Features

  • IP65 rated cable
  • 17-pin, A-coded, angled M12 connector at motor
  • Flying leads for easy wiring to terminal blocks
  • Used to connect input and output (I/O) signals of TXM34 and MDX integrated motors
  • Compatible with all TXM34 and MDX integrated motors
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Product Details

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This cable facilitates the connection of input and output signals on TXM34 StepSERVO integrated motors and MDX integrated servo. The 3004-333 is an IP65 rated cable with an angled (90°) M12 connector at one end that plugs directly into the I/O connector of a TXM34 integrated motor. The other end of the cable is terminated with flying leads for easy connection to terminal blocks, screw terminals, etc.

A straight M12 connector version of this cable is also available. See the 3004-334.

Looking for an extended length? Here is a compatible Phoenix cable part number: 1430268 available through external 3rd party distributors.

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