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3004-331 - Power Cable, angled M12 to flying leads

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Product Features

  • IP65 rated cable
  • 4-pin, S-coded, angled M12 connector at motor
  • Flying leads for easy wiring into power supply
  • Used to connect main and auxiliary power to TXM34 and MDX integrated motors
  • Compatible with all TXM34 and MDX integrated motors
  • RoHS Logo

Not available for new applications. Please call for assistance selecting a replacement.


Product Details

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This cable facilitates the connection of DC power supply voltages (main and auxiliary) to to all TXM34 StepSERVO integrated motors and MDX integrated servo. The 3004-331 is an IP65 rated cable with an angled (90°) M12 connector at the motor end that plugs directly into the power connector of a TXM34 integrated motor. The other end of the cable is terminated in flying leads for easy connection to terminal blocks, screw terminals, etc. The cable shield is used to connect the integrated motor’s metal case to earth ground to reduce electrical noise and interference.

For a straight M12 connector version of this cable see the 3004-332.

Looking for extended lengths? Here are the compatible Phoenix cable part numbers: 1408840, 1408841

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