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3004-318 - I/O cable for TSM-C/Q/S and MDXK, shielded

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Product Features

  • Used to connect I/O on select TSM17, TSM23, TSM23X-R and TSM34 StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors and MDX Integrated Servo Motors
  • Shielded for increased noise immunity
  • Available in multiple lengths
  • JST 28-pin female connector to flying leads
  • 25 AWG28 conductors plus drain wire
  • RoHS Logo

2 meter cable

3 meter cable

5 meter cable

10 meter cable

Product Details

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The 3004-318 cable is intended for use with StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors of the following types:

  • TSM17C-xCG and TSM17Q-xxG
  • TSM23C-xCG, TSM23Q-xxG, and TSM23S-xxG
  • All TSM34

One end of this cable plugs directly into the I/O connector on the StepSERVO integrated motor and the other end is flying leads for easy wiring to a terminal block or directly to a PLC or motion controller. This I/O cable provides access to these important I/O points: all eight digital inputs, all four digital outputs, the analog input, 5V and ground, and encoder output channels A, B+, and Z+. 25 AWG28 wires are shielded with drain wire exiting the flying lead end. See the downloads section of this page for a drawing of this cable that also contains the pin-out table and wire colors.

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