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3004-263 - Encoder Extension Cable, 3 ft

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Product Features

  • Compatible with the STM17R and STM23R integrated steppers with encoder options
  • Connects to incremental encoder on one end
  • Flying leads on other end for connecting to external controller
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Product Details

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The 3004-263 encoder extension cable is designed for use with STM17R and STM23R integrated steppers with incremental encoders mounted to the rear shafts. This includes the following integrated stepper part numbers:

An incremental encoder is externally mounted to the rear shaft of an STM17R or STM23R integrated stepper and the 3004-263 cable is used to connect this encoder to the user’s step & direction controller. The 3004-263 cable provides a mating connection for the encoder at one end and flying leads at the other end.

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