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3004-190 - Serial Cable for SiNet Hubs and MMIs

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Product Features

  • RJ-11 to RJ-11 cable
  • Compatible with SiNet Hub 444 and SiNet Hub 8 multi-axis controllers
  • Compatible with MMI-01 and MMI-02 operator interfaces
  • RoHS Logo

Product Details

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The 3004-190 Hub/MMI Cable is a replacement cable for SiNet Hub multi-axis controllers and MMI operator interfaces. The cable can be used to connect a SiNet Hub-compatible stepper or servo drive to one of the available ports of a SiNet Hub 444 or 8. It also cable can also be used to connect an MMI-01 or MMI-02 operator interface panel to the PC/MMI port of an Si stepper or servo drive, or the PC/MMI port of a SiNet Hub.

One 3004-190 cable is included with each MMI, so there is no need to order one with a new MMI. This is a replacement cable if you lose or damage the one that came with your MMI.

Five or nine 3004-190 cables are included with each SiNet Hub 444 or SiNet Hub 8, respectively, so there is no need to order these cables with a new SiNet Hub. This is a replacement cable if you lose or damage any of the cables that came with your SiNet Hub.

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