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StepSERVO Products

    • StepSERVO is The Next Evolution in Step Motor Technology
    • 50% more torque than conventional step motor systems
    • Higher efficiency, smoother motion and greater throughput

    • Stand-alone StepSERVO Drives for closed loop applications
    • Designed for use with StepSERVO Motors
    • Greater torque and acceleration than conventional stepper systems

  • StepSERVO Motors

    • Closed loop step motors for use with StepSERVO Drives
    • NEMA 11 to NEMA 34 frame sizes
    • 50% more torque than conventional step motor systems

Stepper Products

  • Integrated steppers

    • Integrated step motors save space and money
    • Drive, control and optional encoder integrated into the motor housing
    • Ideal for space-constrained applications where panel space must be minimized

  • Stepper Drives

    • Advanced control with anti-resonance and other premium performance features
    • Wide range of current ratings and control options to fit your application
    • Support for fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet

  • Stepper Motors

    • The broadest offering of step motors available
    • Wide range of NEMA sizes
    • Multiple options including encoders, hollow shafts, cables, IP65, and more

Servo Products

BLDC Products

Gearhead Products

  • Gearheads

    • True planetary gearheads
    • Optimized for motion control applications
    • Broad range of ratios for all Applied Motion step motors, servo motors, and integrated motors