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Adding Simplicity and Value to ST, STAC6, and STF Stepper Drives

by Eric Rice

In a continued effort to simplify product selection and add value for our customers, we are streamlining the offering of several stepper drive families by reducing complexity and the total number of part numbers available for purchase in the online store.

What's Changing

Select stepper drive part numbers are being removed from our e-commerce site and will no longer be available for small order quantities. The table below shows the part numbers being removed from low quantity sales (Old Product) and the recommended replacement part numbers (Replaced By). Customers currently using a product listed on the left side of the table should review the suggested replacement product on the right for future purchases.

Old Product Replaced By
ST5-S (5000-126) ST10-Plus (5000-149)
ST10-S (5000-127)
ST5-Plus (5000-148)
ST5-Si-NN (5000-129) ST10-Si-NE (5000-141)
ST5-Si-NE (5000-131)
ST10-Si-NN (5000-139)
ST5-Q-NN (5000-128) ST10-Q-RE (5000-144)
ST5-Q-NE (5000-130)
ST5-Q-RN (5000-132)
ST5-Q-RE (5000-134)
ST10-Q-NN (5000-138)
ST10-Q-NE (5000-140)
ST10-Q-RN (5000-142)
ST5-C-CN (5000-136) ST10-C-CE (5000-147)
ST5-C-CE (5000-137)
ST10-C-CN (5000-146)
ST5-Q-EN (5000-177) ST10-IP-EE (5000-182)
ST5-Q-EE (5000-178)
ST10-Q-EN (5000-179)
ST10-Q-EE (5000-180)
ST10-IP-EN (5000-181)
ST5-IP-EN (5000-183)
ST5-IP-EE (5000-184)
STAC6-S (5000-111) STAC6-Q (5000-112)
STAC6-SE (5000-118) STAC6-QE (5000-119)
STAC6-S-220 (5000-121) STAC6-Q-220 (5000-122)
STAC6-SE-220 (5000-124) STAC6-QE-220 (5000-125)

Better Pricing, Simplified Selection

The part numbers remaining for sale on the website are the most well-featured versions within each drive family. They provide all of the functionality of the drives that are being removed, along with additional functionality for applications that require it.

To ensure that customers of existing drives are not financially affected by this change, we have reduced the prices of the remaining drives such that no one will have to pay more than they are currently paying.

Seamless Transition

All stepper drives currently in the field will continue to be fully supported by Applied Motion Products. For all new purchases however we will direct customers to one of the remaining drives. To make the transition from one drive to another as seamless as possible, the latest versions of the ST Configurator and STF Configurator software include a file conversion utility to convert the configuration file from an existing drive to the replacement drive.

More Information

More details about this change can be found in the Product Change Notification. For inquiries about continuing purchases of any of the “Old Products” listed above, or for technical support with transitioning to a new product, please contact our team.

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