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Pack Expo Connects 2020

by Eric Rice

Connect with Applied Motion Products at Pack Expo Connects 2020, the newly formatted virtual trade show event from PMMI. Attendees from previous Pack Expo shows gave their feedback to show management about what they liked best from in-person events. Show planners listened and the result is what is shaping up to be an industry-leading event.

Connect with Us in a Whole New Way

The most exciting aspect of Pack Expo Connects is the centerpiece feature called Live Demos. Each Live Demo is a live, 15-minute presentation of the machines and products you would see at a normal Pack Expo trade show, given by the same experts you would expect to see in the booth if you were there in person. Think of live demos as something between short webinars and in-booth demonstrations.

Be Sure to Catch Our Live Demos

Applied Motion Products is offering two live demos on topics that are specific to the needs of packaging machinery OEMs. These include an overview of our new TruCount™ multi-turn, absolute encoders which provide users with the ability to shorten machine downtime by eliminating homing runs on every axis. The second live demo provides an overview of the flexible and intelligent motion control solutions we offer for distributed control networks over industrial Ethernet.

Both live demos will be presented by a product expert from our engineering group. Visit our virtual showroom page to view the dates for the live demos and be sure to add both to your MyConnects Planner.

Register Today

Visit the Pack Expo Connects website to register and learn more about what you can expect from this exciting new virtual trade show. It may not be exactly what you are used to from attending traditional in-person trade shows, but Live Demos add an exciting, new element that is certainly worth checking out. Be sure to browse the catalog of over 2,500 live demos already scheduled for the week of the show, which runs November 9-13, 2020.

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