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Holding Brakes for NEMA 23 Step Motors

by Eric Rice

Applied Motion Products is pleased to announce the release of holding brakes for select step motors in the NEMA 23 frame size. These step motors provide additional functionality for applications which require holding torque to be maintained when power is removed from the motor.

Holding brakes offered by Applied Motion are spring-set type brakes that must be powered by 24 volts DC to release the brake mechanism. This is commonly referred to as “power off” and is the preferred style for motion control applications. Controlling the brake is handled by a discrete output on the stepper drive or another controller like a PLC or motion controller. Many Applied Motion drives offer outputs specifically designed to control the holding brake, such that the brake will be automatically engaged whenever the motor is unpowered (and automatically disengaged when the motor is powered or moving).

This initial offering of holding brakes for step motors is available as an option on the following most popular NEMA 23 frame step motors. Click to view specifications and pricing:

A common application for holding brakes is one in which a belt drive linear actuator is mounted vertically. When power is removed from the motor the belt and load can drop, potentially causing harm to the machine and/or human operators. Holding brakes can help to alleviate this unsafe condition by automatically holding the motor and load in position even when all power has been removed from the motor.

For assistance in selecting the best motor for your application contact our Application Engineering department.