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EtherCAT Master Controllers

Compatible motion controllers from industry leaders

Applied Motion Products has worked with other leading Motion Control companies to optimize interoperability between their master controllers and our EtherCAT drives. This work includes interoperability tests, documentation, and application development to ensure that the integration of these master controllers with our drives is as seamless as possible.

Using a master EtherCAT controller that isn't listed here? Contact us to let us know and we'll put it into the queue for testing.

Trio Motion Technology

United Kingdom -

As a Trio Preferred Drives Partner (PDP), Applied Motion has a special arrangement with Trio Motion Technology Ltd, a UK specialist in high performance motion control, to supply their EtherCAT masters via our own worldwide network of distributors.

The combination of our EtherCAT drives and motors together with the Trio MC4N-ECAT master offers a world-class multi-axis machine control package for practically any application in the automation industry.


Beckhoff Automation

Germany -

Beckhoff Automation is a leader in the development of EtherCAT for automation. Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC control technology. TwinCAT software turns almost any compatible PC into a real-time controller with multi-PLC system, NC axis control, programming environment and operating station.


Omron Industrial Automation

Japan -

Omron Industrial Automation is a leading supplier of automation systems. Omron offers comprehensive product lines and application expertise to solve automation and safety challenges for industrial machine builders and OEMs across the globe.


Robotic Systems Integration (RSI)

United States -

RSI provides a cost effective EtherCAT soft motion controller to OEM machine builders. The RMP EtherCAT Soft Motion Controller requires no dedicated hardware and supports up to 64 coordinated axes, as well as 16,000 digital and 1,000 analog I/O points. It supports several operating systems, including Windows and INtime, and comes with numerous software utilities and an API for application development in different programming languages. It also has numerous standard features such as Synchronized Streaming Motion, Point-to-Point Motion, Auto-Tuning, Path Motion, Electronic Gearing, I/O Trigger Based Events, and many more.