SV2Dx Servo Drives

SV200 Servo Drives for DC-Powered Applications
  • 24 to 60 VDC input
  • 10 A cont., 20 A peak output current
  • Compact size for multi-axis applications
  • Ideal for OEMs
  • Designed for use with J Series motors
  • Wide range of control options

PH Mini Planetary Gearheads

Designed for Small Stepper and Integrated Motors
  • True planetary design
  • Precision cut gears
  • All metal construction for long life
  • High torque and precise positioning
  • Miniature design for use with small motors
  • Ideal for use with TSM11 StepSERVO integrated motors

On Demand Webinar

"Applying Industrial Ethernet to Integrated Motors"
  • Learn how to improve performance and save money with Industrial Ethernet-enabled motor and drive systems
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  • Recorded on March 29, 2017
  • Provided by MCMA

EtherCAT Drives and Motors

SS-EC StepSERVO Drives and Motors
  • EtherCAT® network control adhering to CiA 402
  • StepSERVO™ closed loop stepper technology
  • Peak torques for greater acceleration and throughput
  • Higher efficiency, lower power consumption
  • Motor frame sizes NEMA 11, 17, 23, 24 and 34

Step Motors and Encoders

On Demand Webinar
  • How to add an encoder to your step motor system
  • Use that encoder to verify position and prevent stalling
  • Take the system further with full closed loop
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  • Recorded on March 16, 2017