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Introducing Our J Series Servo Motors

Learn about Applied Motion Products new J Series servo motors: 100 to 750 watts, IP65, UL and CE rated with optional holding brake. Also featured are value priced Servo Sets, pairing the J series with digital servo drives and cables to provide a complete system right out of the box.

Products & software mentioned in this video:
J Series servo motors
SV7 servo drives
SVAC3 servo drives
BLuAC5 digital series drives
Q Programmer

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Available in 40, 60, and 80 mm industry standard frame sizes, they have comparable speed and torque ratings to popular low inertia servo motors with continuous speeds to 3,000 RPM and maximum speeds to 5,000 RPM. The laser welded segmented stator pole construction allows for maximum copper fill and our proprietary encapsulation method enables maximum heat transfer. This results in higher performance and lower operating temperatures. The benefit is more torque and speed in a smaller space. Additionally, lower temperatures lead to longer life.

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