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Archive: October 2015

  • StepSERVO™ Closed Loop Integrated Motors


    StepSERVO™ Closed Loop Integrated Motors offer many advantages over traditional step motor systems, including higher torque and acceleration, higher machine throughput, better efficiency and quieter operation. Starting with a proven integrated motor design, we add a high-resolution incremental encoder and closed-loop servo firmware to create peak torques up to 50% higher than a conventionally operated step motor, while running the motor at much cooler temperatures and with less audible noise. This video covers the different models that make up the StepSERVO product offering, including the SSM, TSM and TXM series integrated motors. More information on the full line of StepSERVO integrated motors is available here.

    And for a more in-depth look at StepSERVO technology, Download the White Paper.

  • Applied Motion at ATX Philly 2015


    Applied Motion Products exhibited our latest product innovations at the ATX Philadelphia show in October, 2015. Highlights of the show included the StepSERVO™ closed loop integrated stepper motors and the SV200 digital servo drives. StepSERVO integrated motors provide higher acceleration rates, more torque, better efficiency, cooler operation and quieter operation than traditional step motor systems. These benefits offer great advantages to the designer looking to incorporate higher performance motors in their system. The TSM11 StepSERVO™ motor, the newest member of the family, was also presented and is a good choice for applications requiring minimal torque and a very small footprint. The SV200 digital servo drives offer new performance features like auto-tuning and an anti-vibration function, along with well-established features from Applied Motion such as Q programming for on-board motion control along with various communication options. Paired with the J Series Servo Motors, the new SV200 drives make a very competitive option for machine builders.