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  • Connecting to an Ethernet Based Device


    Learn how to set up set up a static IP address and connect to an Ethernet based device, in this case one of our Ethernet drives.

  • EtherNet/IP Tutorial 4: Hands-On with the TruCount™ Absolute Encoder


    Learn how to set up and use the TruCount™ Absolute Encoder in both Step-Servo Quick Tuner and Studio5000. We'll discuss homing the encoder, setting up software limits positions, and we'll walk through a real example of configuring Electronic Gearing with a linear actuator to make move calculations easy.

  • EtherNet/IP Tutorial 3: Hard Stop Homing


    This video takes a deep dive into the theory behind hard stop homing. Learn how to easily implement hard stop homing in a Studio5000 project using our freely available Add On Instruction (AOI). This video is a good primer on hard stop homing whether or not you’re using EtherNet/IP communications or an Allen-Bradley PLC to command motion.

  • EtherNet/IP Tutorial 2: Basic Motion and AOI Structure


    By following the demo in this video, you'll get your EtherNet/IP drive or integrated motor moving in velocity mode. You'll also take a look inside our AOIs in this tutorial to get understand the importance of RPI.

  • EtherNet/IP Tutorial 1: Establishing Communications


    By following the demo in this video, you can get your Applied Motion Products EtherNet/IP drive or integrated motor talking to a Rockwell controller in about 10 minutes. The demo makes use of Application Note 46 - EtherNet/IP for Add On Instructions for RSLogix, which can be downloaded from our Application Notes page