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  • AGV Drive Assembly Demo


    The AGV drive assembly demo highlights one of the solutions we have created specifically for mobile robots and AGVs. The assembly shown in the video is for a traction drive wheel and consists of an integrated servo motor, planetary gearhead, and drive wheel mounted directly to the gearhead’s output flange.

    Integrated servo motors include on-board motion control, I/O, and communications for direct connection to the on-board computer or controller of the mobile robot. No other external motor controller is required.

  • Multi-Axis Pick-and-Place Demo


    The multi-axis pick-and-place demo includes 9 axes of motion and highlights our capabilities in a number of ways. The demo includes at least one type of motor from each of our four primary product categories: StepSERVO motors, stepper motors, servo motors, and BLDC motors. The 9 axes of motion are synchronized via a Windows PC that streams Serial Command Language (SCL) commands to all axes over an RS-485 communications bus.

    The demo comprises four main functions:

  • XYZ Gantry Demo


    The XYZ gantry demo features 4 sets of StepSERVO drives and motors running coordinated motion in three axes. There are two motor and drive sets on the X and X’ axes, one on the Y axis, and a fourth on the Z axis. The synchronized motion commands are sent to the axes over the EtherCAT network.

    StepSERVO closed-loop technology improves every aspect of step motor performance by creating a peak torque range that increases acceleration and machine throughput. This is done while reducing overall current consumption in the motor for less heating and greater efficiency.

  • Watsonville, CA - There's no place like home


    Applied Motion Products is proud to call Watsonville, CA our home for more than 20 years. This video, put together by the City of Watsonville, provides a glimpse inside our headquarters and at the many wonderful people who work here. It also features some beautiful aerial footage of the greater Watsonville area, highlighting why so many of us at Applied Motion are happy to call California's picturesque central coast our home.

  • On-Demand Webinar: More Reliable, Lower Cost Motion Control with Ethernet


    This webinar explains how Ethernet-enabled integrated motors are being used to overcome the inherent limitations of analog control signals by providing a more robust, error-proof solution that delivers better performance and generates a better return on investment.