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We’re Ready to Assist You

The Application Engineering and Customer Service departments of Applied Motion Products are ready to assist you with all of your product and application related questions. Submit your questions directly using our contact form. The following links may also assist with the most common support requests.


Use the links below to download product documentation, read instructions on how to upgrade the firmware of your stepper and servo drives, and watch instructional videos on our products.

  • Software Downloads
    Looking for the latest versions of Si Programmer™ and Q Programmer™? These and more can be found here.
  • Manuals
    All of our product manuals in one place.
  • Application Notes
    Examples and helpful instructions for using our products in various situations and with 3rd-party hardware.
  • Videos
    Product introduction and training videos.
  • Upgrade DSP Firmware
    If you need new DSP firmware for your stepper or servo drive, detailed instructions can be found here.
  • Upgrade Si Firmware
    Detailed instructions for downloading the latest firmware to your Si stepper or servo drive.
  • Upgrade ARM Firmware
    Detailed instructions for downloading the latest Ethernet firmware to your Ethernet-enabled stepper or servo drive.