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Applied Motion's Design & Innovation Motion Control Competition


Welcome to Applied Motion Product's Motion Control Design & Innovation Competition!

The deadline to submit a project for this contest was February 13, 2015.  
Check this page again in May to see who wins!

The Details:

Teams will receive $1000 in store credit to use in the Applied Motion Products web store. Each small group team will create a 5-10 minute YouTube video highlighting their implementation of products from Applied Motion in a motion control application. This is an opportunity to be incredibly creative! (Have an idea for a cool ping pong ball launcher? A camera that can track an object? A unique micro mouse? We challenge you to be as innovative as possible.)

Videos will be submitted to Applied Motion for judging to determine the winning team. The winning video will be featured on our blog and YouTube channel, and the winning team will be honored with a cash prize and – most importantly – bragging rights for one full year.

Applicants must enter by Friday, February 13 and videos must post by Friday, May 1 – winners will be announced on May 15, 2015.

Upon submiting an entry form, an Applied Motion Products representative will follow up with you to confirm if your team has been selected as a participant in this competition. Once selected, a team member will need to set up a customer account on our website and we will issue a $1000 credit to that account. Applied Motion Products reserves the right to limit entrants and to turn down applications. By entering, participants are agreeing to complete competition (including YouTube video entry - see Video Requirements below). If a team chooses to drop out of the competition for any reason, that team acknowledges that the $1000 store credit will be revoked and that products already shipped must be purchased (at Applied Motion's standard university discount of 40% off listed website price) out of pocket.

Prize Details: $5000 for 1st place, $2000 for 2nd place

  • Motors and drives used should be purchased using the store credit (note that reimbursement is for $1000 at listed store price but you are not limited to this amount for your project. Anything above and beyond $1000 will be offered with our traditional 40% university discount).
  • Power supply can be built or bought elsewhere.
  • Integrated products from Applied Motion must be critical to the design’s primary function.

Video Requirements:

  • Describe your project goal, walk through the design process, and show the final result. Creativity is big here – the cleaner and more professional the video, the higher the video scoring points.
  • Should be 5-10 minutes long.
  • Discuss what methods (hardware, software, language, transfer protocol, etc…) were used to implement the Applied Motion equipment. We are rating for design, difficulty and efficiency of programs used to control the motors.


Projects will be judged out of 75 points based on this grading scale:

  • Difficulty (0-15 pts)
  • How well the project achieves its desired functionality. (0-10 pts)
  • The efficiency of programs used to control the motors. (0-10 pts)
  • Appearance (design layout, wiring, enclosure, etc…). (0-10 pts)
  • Highlighting Applied Motion products used. (0-10 pts)
  • Video meets requirements. (0-10 pts)
  • Video quality (clear, understandable, sound quality, etc…). Number of total views on YouTube. (0-10 pts)