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CAA Encoder - Incremental Encoder for HT17, HT23, and HT24 Step Motors

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Product Features

  • Fits onto rear shaft of HT17, HT23, and HT24 step motors
  • 2000 lines (8000 counts per rev.). Other resolutions available upon request.
  • A, B, and Z (Index) channels
  • Differential outputs
  • 5 Vdc input voltage
  • Use with 3004-329-10 or 3004-349-03 extension cable
  • RoHS Logo

Product Details

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The CAA incremental encoder fits on the rear shafts of HT17, HT23, and HT24 step motors. The encoder can be ordered separately by clicking the Add to Cart button above. To order the encoder factory-assembled onto the rear shaft of a motor, add the CAA suffix to the end of the double-shaft step motor part number. For example, order HT23-601D-CAA to purchase the HT23-601D step motor and CAA encoder as a single, factory-assembled part number. Below is a list of step motor part numbers that come with the CAA encoder pre-assembled at the factory. To inquire about step motors not listed in the table below, use the quote request form below.

Step motor part numbers with factory-assembled CAA encoders:

NEMA 17 motors HT17-268D-CAA
NEMA 23 motors HT23-594D-CAA
NEMA 24 motors HT24-100D-CAA

Mating cables:

To connect the CAA encoder to your stepper drive or motion controller you'll need one of the following cables:

  • Mating cable for use with Applied Motion drives (D-sub connector): 3004-329-10
  • Mating cable with flying leads: 3004-349-03

Would you like another resolution or configuration?

CAA encoders with non-standard configurations are available. Resolutions other than 2,000 CPR, single-ended signals, or no Index channel are examples of alternate configurations. If you need an encoder configuration not shown here, use the quote request form below to inquire.

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