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  • Congratulations to Our Top Performing Distributors


    In conjunction with the expansion of our successful line of StepSERVO™ closed loop integrated motors, we recently conducted a sales competition for our North American distribution partners. The competition was designed to award the individual distributor salespeople who successfully installed the greatest number of StepSERVO integrated motors over a six-month time period. The competition was a huge success, with a higher-than-expected number of distributor salespeople participating and a wide range of new customers for these high performance products.

  • You are Invited! See Large Format 3D Printing in Action


    You've seen it online, now see it in person! 3D Platform and Applied Motion Products would like to invite you to attend a Large Format 3D Printing Demo and Seminar on Wednesday, May 25. This event will showcase the new 3DP Workbench with a live demonstration. There is no cost to attend and lunch or refreshments are included.

  • Did You Know? Product lines that support Q Programming


    Many of our customers take advantage of the benefits of Q Programming, our text-based programming language designed for simple yet powerful programming of single axes. Q Programming incorporates commands for various kinds of motion, I/O control and sequencing, and math functions that enable users to create all kinds of motion control sequences and algorithms, from the most basic to very advanced.

  • Energy Efficient Step Motors


    Users of step motors will praise their simplicity, excellent positioning skills, and economy. They may also lament certain characteristics of step motor performance. For example, traditional step motor systems run open loop which means the drive electronics supply constant current to the motor whether there is a demand for torque from the load or not. What happens to that current when there’s no torque demand? It is lost as heat.

  • Did You Know? The FAST Telescope in China


    Did you know the same technology that drives the new Five-hundred-meter Aperature Spherical Telescope (FAST) in China is available to Applied Motion Products customers everywhere? Initiated in 1994, the FAST telescope is a key national scientific and technological infrastructure project in China. Standing in a region of typical Karst depressions in Guizhou province, the dish-like telescope will be as large as 30 football fields.

  • Tech Spotlight: The STR3 Miniature Stepper Drive


    We are very pleased to announce the introduction of our most compact stepper drive to date. The STR3 miniature advanced stepper drive offers many of the great features of our larger drives, but in an ultra-compact package designed for OEMs demanding high performance and a competitive price point.

  • EAS - Manufacturers Representative


    Applied Motion Products, Inc., designers and manufacturers of StepSERVO™ Closed Loop Integrated Motors, announced today the appointment of Essential Automation Solutions as manufacturer’s representative for all of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

  • ATX West 2016 Wrap-Up


    If you missed Applied Motion Products at ATX West in Anaheim, CA this past February 9-11 you can still catch a glimpse of the action. A video recap of the show is available here.

  • NAMPRO Inc. - Manufacturers Representative


    Applied Motion Products, Inc., designers and manufacturers of StepSERVO™ Closed Loop Integrated Motors, announced today the appointment of NAMPRO Inc. (Northern Automation and Motion Products) as manufacturer’s representative for all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

  • Did You Know? CORE step motors are in stock


    That’s the answer to one of the more common questions we get at Applied Motion. We maintain inventory in our California warehouse as a commitment to zero lead time for our most popular set of step motors. The CORE step motors are the best choice to match with our drives and have been fully characterized with speed-torque curves with recommended drives. Speed-torque curves are important for every project because they are the most accurate representation of performance for a given motor and drive combination.