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  • IP65 Rain Test - 1 Year and Counting


    As part of our commitment to quality and durability in our products, we often use life testing as a means of determining how our products will survive when subjected to extended periods of stress or adverse conditions. In the case of motors intended for use in the splash zone, we wanted to do more than just subject them to the 15 minutes or so of high pressure spray required to achieve the IP65 rating. We wanted to see how our motors would fair when subjected to an extended period of water being splashed on them.

  • MCMA Webinar - Applying Industrial Ethernet to Integrated Motors


    As an integral part of the Industrial Internet of Things and an increasingly prevalent technology in factory automation, Industrial Ethernet continues to outgrow fieldbus as the dominant communications platform of the factory floor.

  • Live Webinar - Step Motors and Encoders


    Some of the reasons why step motors are widely used in automation are because they are low cost and easy to use. At the root of these and other benefits lies the open loop system architecture that’s been employed to control step motors for years. Aside from these benefits, experienced users will know that as soon as you demand too much torque from the step motor, it will often stall without warning. Fortunately, this and other traditional limitations of step motor systems can be avoided by simply adding an encoder to the system.

  • Automate 2017


    Join us at Automate 2017, the trade show for emerging automation technology. Visit Applied Motion in booth # 2647 to see the latest motor and drive innovations.

  • Applied Motion Welcomes Mike Maroney


    Applied Motion is excited to welcome Mike Maroney back to the team as Applications Engineering Manager. Mike rejoins Applied Motion after an eight year hiatus, taking responsibility for pre- and post-sales technical support to ensure the success of every motion control project. In his previous time at Applied Motion, Mike worked as a Design Engineer on our first fieldbus applications and integrated motors.

  • Tech Spotlight: EtherCAT Connection Guides


    Connect to Your Network Faster

    SS-EC StepSERVO Drives and Motors are powerful and functional motion control axes. With support for CiA 402 operating modes and integrated EtherCAT® networking, these drives and motors are ready to be integrated into new and existing EtherCAT networks. The combination of StepSERVO closed loop step motor technology and EtherCAT networking create a robust motion control solution for multi-axis positioning, velocity, and torque control applications.

  • StepSERVO in the Finals of the Golden Mousetrap Awards


    Applied Motion Products is proud to announce that StepSERVO Integrated Motors have reached the Finals of the Golden Mousetrap Awards competition. This achievement reflects the innovation and creativity behind the design of the StepSERVO Integrated Motors, which provide many performance benefits over traditional step motor systems.

  • MD&M West 2017


    Join Applied Motion Products at the world’s largest annual Medtech event, MD&M West in Anaheim, California. You'll find us, along with demonstrations and samples of our latest products, in booth #2278. MD&M West is held at the Anaheim Convention Center from February 7-9, 2017. For 32 years, MD&M West has helped take medical devices from concept to market by uniting industry leaders with cutting-edge technology. Connect with over 20,000 engineers and executives who are ready to forge business partnerships.

  • MCMA Webinar - Step Motors and Closed Loop Feedback


    Step motors are popular because they are low cost and easy to use. But experienced users know that the first time you violate the laws of physics and demand too much torque from the motor, the step motor will stall without warning. By adding an encoder to the system, step motors can be operated closed loop and traditional limitations can be avoided.

  • Holding Brakes for NEMA 23 Step Motors


    Applied Motion Products is pleased to announce the release of holding brakes for select step motors in the NEMA 23 frame size. These step motors provide additional functionality for applications which require holding torque to be maintained when power is removed from the motor.