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  • Did You Know? - New STAC Configurator™


    With the introduction of the new STAC5 stepper drives, Applied Motion has expanded what used to be called the STAC6 Configurator™ software to include both the STAC5 and STAC6 stepper drives. Accordingly, the name of the software has changed to STAC Configurator™

  • Website Feature: The RSS Feed


    The News section of our website offers a regular stream of breaking news and activity happening at Applied Motion Products. Everything from product releases, events, informational alerts, to interesting product tips and tricks can be found in this ever-growing section of our site. A great way to stay on top of all this useful information is to subscribe to our RSS Feed.

  • Did You Know? - Auto Trigger in Quick Tuner™


    Quick Tuner™ has a built-in scope that is very useful for verifying tuning parameters. For many customers our pre-configured tuning files are all that’s needed to set the servo parameters. You can verify the system’s performance after downloading a pre-configured file by selecting the Sample Move option in the Tuning-Sampling tab. Here you can use a built-in move profile generator to actuate the motor and observe the system performance in the scope screen.

  • SV7 Servo Drive with Ethernet


    Applied Motion Products is pleased to announce the availability of an Ethernet communication option for our popular SV7 servo drive. This option allows applications to communicate using the SCL and Q languages over standard 100 Mbit Ethernet cabling, addressing and protocols.

    The SV7 is a servo controller in a compact, cost-effective package. This DC input drive is loaded with features and options to make it a great choice for many OEM applications. SV7 drives can be controlled via analog signal or step and direction inputs. Alternatively, they can be programmed to act as stand-alone units with the power of Q programmer or the simplicity of the Si software.

  • Did You Know? - Jerk Filter for S-Curves


    For applications that require S-curve acceleration and deceleration ramps, Applied Motion servo drives offer an easy-to-use jerk filter. The jerk filter is set in Hertz within Quick Tuner™, Applied Motion’s servo configuration and tuning software. It can also be set with the SCL command KJ. The lower the Hertz value the more pronounced the S-curve profile will be.

    S-curve acceleration/deceleration ramps are beneficial in positioning systems where instantaneous changes in speed may cause the load to jerk excessively. One example is when the load is connected to the motion actuator via a long moment arm.

  • Introducing STAC5 Stepper Drives


    Applied Motion Products is pleased to introduce the STAC5 step motor driver. The STAC5 provides up to 5 amps per phase from a high bus voltage with sophisticated current control, delivering high torque over a board range of speeds. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm with electronic damping allows for maximum torque utilization and fast settling times.

    The STAC5 is available in 120VAC and 220VAC versions, both housed in a compact package.

  • Did You Know? - Host Control of S Drives


    Our less expensive “S” models can be controlled in real time by a host!

    Most of Applied Motion’s newer drives feature “S”, “Q”, and “Si” models. Each of these model types offer different ways for fitting into the overall control architecture of the device being designed.

    • “S” models are typically controlled by an external pulse source – step & direction.
    • “Q” models are programmable via an ASCII based programming language and can act as stand alone or host controlled motion controllers.
  • Website Feature: The Search Tool


    If you’re looking for quick access to information about a particular Applied Motion Products part number use the Search tool located on the right-hand side of the navigation bar. Whether you want to review specifications, download documentation, or view related and recommended items for a product, the Search tool is the fastest way to get to information about a specific part number. For example, try searching on the part number HT23-601 to find information about this popular step motor part number.

  • Meet the STM Family


    The STM17 joins the STM23 and STM24 as the newest member of the STM drive+motor family.

    Each STM integrates a NEMA step motor, microstepping drive and controller into a single device, offering savings on space, wiring and cost over conventional motor and drive solutions.

  • Did You Know? - Position Maintenance


    Applied Motion Products’ DSP-based stepper drives with encoder options offer a unique feature. The stall prevention feature of the STAC6, ST5, ST10 stepper drives and STM integrated steppers not only prevents stalling, but maintains the position of the motor at rest as well. This feature is called position maintenance.