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News: Website Features

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  • Quick Links

    You can quickly find our latest product launches, new videos and other features by using our Quick Links sidebar on the home page of our website.
  • Introducing Our YouTube Channel

    Did you know that we have a YouTube channel where we store a host of informative and educational videos? You can learn more about many of our products as well as walk through the set up and configuration of our featured software.
  • 'Browse by Series' - A Website Feature to Make Searching Simple

    Did you know that you can browse our website by series versus just product? If you are looking for like products within a single series, we make it easy by creating Series Pages just for that purpose. Click on the 'Browse by Series' navigation menu or the 'Browse All'.
  • Easily Find Our Closeout Sale Products

    We have re-priced many of our closeout stepper and servo motors and have made it even easier to browse our sale selection. Look for products highlighted in green on our step motors page or our servo motors page to quickly see at a glance what we're featuring:
  • Website Feature: Happy Birthday, Ecommerce!


    This past August the secure checkout process on turned 1 year old. On August 11, 2011 we accepted our very first online order through the new website. Since then we’ve continued to increase the number of products available for purchase through our site, all while improving the buying experience and Customer Service provided to our valuable Customers, Distributors and Resellers throughout the US and Canada.

  • Website Feature: Chat Tool


    We take a lot of pride at Applied Motion Products in the level of technical support we provide to our customers. If you are already a customer of ours you’ve come to appreciate this dedication to service. Whether you’re looking for basic product information, like specifications or torque data for our motors and drives, or you need more substantial assistance, say for designing a solution from scratch, we always do our best to help.

  • Website Feature: Archived Products


    Just because all products eventually get replaced by newer and better ones, doesn’t mean older products can’t still be put to good use. Applied Motion strives to provide excellent support for all of our products, not just the fancy new ones. That means much of the product information and support documentation for older products is still available on our website.

  • Website Feature: New Landing Pages


    In an effort to continuously improve the user experience of our website, we have recently updated our product category landing pages with more information and an improved filtering tool. Enhancements to these pages include:

  • Website Feature: Distributor Listing


    Applied Motion is supported by an international network of highly qualified distributors that specialize in industrial automation and motion control products. These distributors provide regional points of sale, technical expertise and value-added services to Applied Motion end users and OEM customers around the world. They are a critical part of the value that Applied Motion brings to our customers.

  • Ecommerce at


    We at Applied Motion are pleased to announce that the launch of our online checkout process in August of this year was very successful. Since the checkout process went live orders have been coming in from channel partners and customers throughout the US and Canada. If you haven't noticed the changes to our website in support of this new service, look for the Add to Cart buttons located on the product pages of our website, as well as the new Store menu located in the main navigation bar.

  • Website Feature: The Datasheets Page


    Looking for the Datasheet you found the other day on that really cool step motor drive from Applied Motion Products? Need to show something to your boss about that servo system you’re considering for your next machine? Datasheets from Applied Motion offer a ton of product information including photographs, technical specifications, speed-torque curves and more in a single, colorful and useful PDF document.

  • We're Now Open for (e)Business!


    Our online store is live! As of August, 2011 you can now purchase products directly on our website using a secure checkout process. The updated main menu bar, located on every page of our site, includes a new Store menu with links to My Account, View Cart, My Orders and our Terms & Conditions page. Check it out!

  • Website Feature: The Videos Page


    The Applied Motion Products website has a newly formatted videos page. This new page comes with links to video Archives by Month and by Category, making it easier to find videos related to the various products we offer. The new videos page can be found under the Support menu at

  • Applied Motion on LinkedIn


    Looking for more ways to stay on top of new products and other changes at Applied Motion? Now you can use LinkedIn to easily keep in touch with us. Click here to Follow Us.

  • Website Feature: Downloads by Part Number


    Applied Motion’s website offers a unique tool to quickly access all software and document downloads for a given part or model number. Under the Support menu click on Downloads by Part Number, then enter the model number of your drive or the part number of your motor to see all of the available downloads in one location. Partial numbers can also be entered.

  • Website Feature: The RSS Feed


    The News section of our website offers a regular stream of breaking news and activity happening at Applied Motion Products. Everything from product releases, events, informational alerts, to interesting product tips and tricks can be found in this ever-growing section of our site. A great way to stay on top of all this useful information is to subscribe to our RSS Feed.

  • Website Feature: The Search Tool


    If you’re looking for quick access to information about a particular Applied Motion Products part number use the Search tool located on the right-hand side of the navigation bar. Whether you want to review specifications, download documentation, or view related and recommended items for a product, the Search tool is the fastest way to get to information about a specific part number. For example, try searching on the part number HT23-601 to find information about this popular step motor part number.