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Pack Expo Connects 2020 - Wrap-Up

by Eric Rice

The Pack Expo Connects 2020 virtual trade show wrapped up Friday, November 13, 2020. Pack Expo is one of the biggest shows we attend each year, where we look forward to presenting our latest motion control solutions to packaging machinery OEMs and meeting with customers face-to-face. Because of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, this year’s show went completely virtual with an exciting new platform for hosted content and live demos of products and machinery.

Pivot to external platforms
The show got off to a rocky start. Technical difficulties with the virtual platform meant that all live demos scheduled for Monday, November 9, had to be cancelled. Fortunately for us at Applied Motion Products, we saw what was happening early in the morning and quickly pivoted to hosting our first live demo on an external platform (GoToWebinar). This proved successful as many attendees who had added our demo to their schedule were still able to watch it live.

Congratulations and thanks
The solution of hosting on external platforms endured for the remainder of the week, with show managers and exhibitors officially pivoting toward this backup option. We would like to congratulate show management and all exhibitors for doing their best to roll with the changes and overall make the transition to external presentations as smooth as possible. And we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all attendees who hung in there through the technical difficulties. We hope your patience was rewarded.

Live demos are now available on-demand
Despite the rocky start we had good turnout for both our live demos and were able to quickly post recordings of them on YouTube for on-demand viewing. Now they are available for everyone to watch and you can find both recordings below. Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments about the products presented in our live demos, please contact our team. We look forward to speaking with you.

Live Demo #1

Faster Changeovers and Reduced Downtime with Multi-Turn, Absolute Positioning

Originally aired Monday, November 9

Integrated StepSERVO™ motors with TruCount™ multi-turn, absolute encoders provide precise positioning capabilities while eliminating the need for homing runs at every power-up. These integrated motors retain their position information during all power-down situations, such as maintenance windows and changeovers, without the use of batteries. At power-up the motors immediately know their current position, regardless of how much the axis might have been moved while powered down. The time savings in not having to home each axis at power-up greatly improves machine uptime and throughput.

Live Demo #2

Flexible, Intelligent Motion Control for Industrial Ethernet Networks

Originally aired Thursday, November 12

These motors and drives are designed for precision motion control applications on distributed control networks. Stepper and servo motors with on-board Ethernet communications can be easily controlled over new and existing networks. With support for major industrial protocols including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT and Profinet, these motors and drives connect to all major PLCs and HMIs. Add On Instructions for the most popular controller software makes incorporating these axes of motion control easier than ever.

Interested in more of the motion control solutions we offer to packaging machinery OEMs? Visit our solutions page to learn about them.

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