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End-of-Life Notification on Legacy Products

by Eric Rice

A handful of products are approaching end-of-life (EoL), meaning that we can no longer manufacture them. The affected products are legacy drive and control products that have been around for many years.

The reasons for discontinuation include the unavailability of key electronic components, reduced demand, and the release of newer replacement products. The full list of affected part numbers is below, and you can read more details in this EoL Notification letter.

  • 1000-055, 2035O Stepper Drive
  • 1000-169, SiNet Hub 8
  • 1000-237, RC-050 Regeneration Clamp
  • 1000-267, SiNet Hub 444
  • 5000-047, PDO5580 Stepper Drive
  • 5000-049, Si5580 Stepper Drive
  • 5000-115, SiNet Hub 444-DIN
  • 5000-169, SV7-S-AF Servo Drive
  • 5000-174, SV7-Q-AF Servo Drive
  • 5000-175, SV7-Si-AF Servo Drive
  • 5000-244, ST5-Q-NF Stepper Drive
  • 5000-245, ST10-Q-NF Stepper Drive
  • 5000-247, ST5-Si-NF Stepper Drive
  • 5000-248, ST10-Si-NF Stepper Drive

If you need assistance selecting replacements for any of the products listed above, please contact us.