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New Power Supplies Available

by Eric Rice

Many of our best-selling, most popular motion control products require 24 or 48 volts DC to power them. That means to put these motors and drives to work you need an industrial-grade DC power supply to provide a steady and reliable source of current and voltage to each axis.

In our ongoing effort to meet our customers’ requirements for complete motion control solutions, we are happy to announce the release of four new power supply models. Three of the models are DIN rail mountable, offering easy installation in a compact footprint. A fourth model offers a full 600 Watts of power in an industrial chassis-mount enclosure. Follow the links below to review detailed specifications.

New 24 volt power supply:

New 48 volt power supplies:

Regen Clamps for Larger Motors

Many DC-powered motor and drive systems require a clamp circuit to limit increases in bus voltage when the motor is decelerating under load. This is commonly referred to as “regeneration”. The RC880 Regen Clamp (right) provides over-voltage protection for regulated power supplies.

Need Help?

Contact our Application Engineers for assistance in selecting the best power supply for your application.