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New AOIs for RSLogix5000 and EtherNet/IP

by Eric Rice

Applied Motion Products is pleased to announce the release of new Add On Instructions (AOI) for Rockwell Automation’s RSLogix5000™ software. These new AOIs support Applied Motion’s latest EtherNet/IP firmware and facilitate the rapid integration of Applied Motion drives and integrated motors into PLC projects.

The majority of these new AOIs use implicit messaging, also known as I/O messaging or polling. Broader support for implicit messaging was released in Applied Motion’s EtherNet/IP firmware versions 251.xx and higher. Implicit messaging makes it easier to send commands to the drive, makes data coming back from the drive more PLC-friendly, and reduces communications overhead. These benefits lighten the load for the user when integrating our products into the PLC program.

The new AOIs demonstrate the features of Applied Motion Products drives and integrated motors utilizing EtherNet/IP communications. All AOIs use a common structure in terms of parameters and base functionality. Incorporating one of the AOIs into the PLC program will prepare you to incorporate the rest quickly and easily.

Relative move AOI
Figure 1: Relative (incremental) move AOI.

Twenty AOIs in total cover a wide range of commands, including motion commands for absolute, relative, jog, and homing moves; enabling and disabling the motor; reading drive status and alarm status; and much more.

To obtain the AOIs download Application Note #46. You’ll receive the AOIs, application note, and a sample PLC program in the ZIP file. The application note summarizes the structure of the AOIs, provides functional descriptions for each one, and provides step-by-step instructions for importing the AOIs and configuring them in RSLogix5000. The sample program provides an example of what the AOIs look like in an RSLogix5000 program once they have been properly imported and configured.

Download the AOIs, Application Note and sample code here (ZIP file):

EtherNet/IP products
Figure 2: Applied Motion offers a range of integrated motors and drives for use with these AOIs.

Integrated motors and drives with EtherNet/IP communications are compatible with popular Rockwell PLCs such as ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™. Products from Applied Motion Products that support the new AOIs include the following:

  • StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors: SSM, TSM and TXM series
  • Stepper Drives: ST5, ST10 and STAC5 series
  • Integrated Stepper Motors: STM and SWM series
  • SV200 Servo Drives
  • Click here to view the full list of EtherNet/IP-compatible integrated motors and drives.