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UL Recognized Stepper and Servo Motors

by Eric Rice

Applied Motion Products is pleased to offer a range of step motors and servo motors that are UL recognized to standards UL 1004-6 (Standard for Servo and Stepper Motors) and UL 1004-1 (Standard for Rotating Electrical Machines - General Requirements), as well as Canadian CSA standard CS22.2 NO. 100-14 (Motors and Generators). With this recognition customers can feel confident using these products in applications that require UL and CSA certification.

UL Recognized Stepper Motors

The part numbers listed in the table below include NEMA frame sizes 17 through 34 and holding torque values from 31 to 1,841 oz-in. Both single and double-shaft versions of each motor are included in the UL Recognition.

NEMA Frame Size Single-shaft Part No. Double-shaft Part No.
NEMA 17 HT17-268 HT17-268D
HT17-271 HT17-271D
HT17-275 HT17-275D
HT17-278 HT17-278D
NEMA 23 HT23-594 HT23-594D
HT23-598 HT23-598D
HT23-601 HT23-601D
NEMA 34 HT34-504 HT34-504D
HT34-505 HT34-505D
HT34-506 HT34-506D
HT34-687 HT34-687D
HT34-695 HT34-695D
HT34-696 HT34-696D
HT34-697 HT34-697D
*IP65 rated step motor. Single-shaft version available only.  

UL Recognized Servo Motors

The part numbers listed below include J Series servo motors in frame sizes 40 mm through 80 mm. Part numbers with and without a 24-volt integral holding brake are included in the UL Recognition.

Frame Size Part No. w/o holding brake Part No. w/ holding brake
40 mm J0050-302-3-000† J0050-352-3-000†
J0100-301-3-000 J0100-351-3-000
J0100-302-3-000† J0100-352-3-000†
J0100-303-3-000 J0100-353-3-000
60 mm J0200-301-4-000 J0200-351-4-000
J0200-302-4-000 J0200-352-4-000
J0200-304-4-000 J0200-354-4-000
J0400-301-4-000 J0400-351-4-000
J0400-302-4-000 J0400-352-4-000
J0400-305-4-000 J0400-355-4-000
80 mm J0300-302-5-000† J0300-352-5-000†
J0750-302-5-000 J0750-352-5-000
J1000-302-5-000† J1000-352-5-000†
Part number not currently shown on Contact us to request pricing, availability, and technical details.

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