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Reduced List Prices on Drives and Integrated Steppers

by Eric Rice

We are pleased to announce reduced pricing on a number of Stepper Drives and Integrated Stepper Motors from our standard offering. These products are ideal for applications requiring advanced microstepping performance using basic step & direction control signals. In most cases these drives and integrated steppers can be setup and configured with on-board dip or rotary switches alone; no software required.

The following series of products are included in this announcement:

Newly reduced prices are shown in the table below.

Stepper Drives New Price Integrated Steppers New Price
STR2 $98 STM17R-3ND $118
STR3 $90 STM17R-3NE $204
STR4 $107 STM17R-3NN $118
STR8 $119 STM23R-2ND $179
STRAC2 $390 STM23R-2NE $268
STRAC8 $462 STM23R-2NN $179
ST5-S $247 STM23R-3ND $190
ST10-S $274 STM23R-3NE $272
ST5-Plus $295 STM23R-3NN $190
ST10-Plus $322    

The Simplicity of Step & Direction (STR, STM-R)

Step & Direction signals – also known as Pulse & Direction signals – are the most common method for controlling step motors. The “step” signal is a digital pulse train (square wave) in which each pulse translates to one step of the motor. The “direction” signal is a binary signal (hi/low) that controls the direction of rotation of the motor shaft, clockwise and counter-clockwise.

No Software Required (STR, STM-R)

A benefit of these drives and integrated motors is that they are configured via on-board rotary and dip switches only. No software is required. This makes them a popular choice for OEM machine builders and other users who want simplified setup during assembly and production.

Advanced Performance

All these stepper drives and integrated steppers feature advanced microstepping performance and sophisticated current control with anti-resonance. Anti-resonance electronically damps motor and system resonances, which improves motor smoothness and torque over a wide speed range.

Streaming Commands and Stored Programs (ST)

For applications that require more than step & direction control, we’ve also reduced pricing on specific models from the ST series of stepper drives. These drives can be commanded via streaming commands over an RS-232 connection using our robust Serial Command Language (SCL). The “Plus” models can also execute motion programs stored in non-volatile memory, which are written in the powerful Q Programming language. The Q programming language includes commands for controlling motion, inputs & outputs, drive configuration and status, as well as math operations, register manipulation, multi-tasking, and more.

STR Stepper Drives and motors