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New Connector Options for TSM11 StepSERVO Integrated Motors

by Eric Rice

Designing very small integrated motors means fitting as much functionality as possible into a tiny NEMA 11 frame size. The payoff is an ultra-compact motor + encoder + drive + controller that offers excellent torque and high efficiency performance. To make the TSM11 StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors as small as possible, the power supply, input, output, and RS-485 communication terminals are provided to the user via a single, 12-pin header at the back of the motor. This connector arrangement allows TSM11 integrated motors to be small without sacrificing input and output connectivity to other devices, controllers, or HMIs on the machine.

Since the initial release of the TSM11 StepSERVO integrated motors, we've received requests from users who love their compact size yet have enough space around the motor to allow for a slightly larger connector arrangement. To accommodate these requests, we have created a new add-on connector module for TSM11 integrated motors that breaks out the communication terminals into two connectors (COM1, COM2) that are separate from the power and I/O connector. These separate communication connectors make for much easier daisy-chain connections on RS-485 and Modbus RTU networks.

1 connector into 3

This new three-connector option for TSM11 StepSERVO Integrated Motors is available via the H01 daisy-chain connector board option, which is now available for immediate purchase on all three lengths of TSM11. The table below lists all available TSM11 part numbers: three-connector models with the H01 connector boards pre-assembled at the factory, and the original single-connector models. Owners of single-connector models may be able to upgrade* their TSM11 integrated motors in the field by purchasing the connector board separately under part number 8500-005.

NEW Three-Connector Part Numbers Original Single-Connector Part Numbers*
*To field upgrade a single-connector TSM11 to three connectors, contact us to determine hardware compatibility first, then order the 8500-005 daisy-chain connector board separately.

TSM11 StepSERVO integrated motors
New three-connector H01 models (left) next to the original, single-connector models.

Planetary Gearheads for greater torque

In addition to enhanced communication connectors, TSM11 StepSERVO Integrated Motors can be further equipped with planetary gearheads for applications demanding greater torque. The PH Planetary Gearheads offer ratios from 4:1 to 22:1, with additional ratios available upon request. These planetary gearboxes feature an all-steel gear train for long life and an attractive list price. Learn more here.

TSM11Q-3RM with PH gearhead
TSM11Q-3RM (single-connector) with PH Planetary Gearhead assembled.