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Tech Spotlight: EtherCAT Connection Guides

by Eric Rice

Connect to Your Network Faster

SS-EC StepSERVO Drives and Motors are powerful and functional motion control axes. With support for CiA 402 operating modes and integrated EtherCAT® networking, these drives and motors are ready to be integrated into new and existing EtherCAT networks. The combination of StepSERVO closed loop step motor technology and EtherCAT networking create a robust motion control solution for multi-axis positioning, velocity, and torque control applications.

Support for Your Application

We continually strive to provide excellent technical support to our customers. In that spirit we’ve created EtherCAT Connection Guides. These guides provide step-by-step instructions for setting up third-party software and controllers to integrate our drives and motors into EtherCAT networks. Detailed instructions with software screenshots provide helpful guidance to the users of these products.

Support for Beckhoff and Trio

Currently we provide connection guides for Beckhoff Automation's TwinCAT 2 software and Trio Motion’s Motion Perfect software. Users of these software and controller solutions can utilize the EtherCAT Connection Guides to more rapidly and easily incorporate SS-EC drives and motors onto their networks. If you want to integrate StepSERVO drives and motors into your EtherCAT network as fast as possible, these EtherCAT Connection Guides will help you do just that.

And... keep your eyes open for additional connection guides to come. Future connection guides will include support for other third-party software and controller platforms.

EtherCAT® is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH.

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