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New Stepper Drive Rated for Hazardous Locations

by Eric Rice

We are pleased to announce the release of the first ever step motor drive that is internationally certified for use in hazardous locations. The STAC6-Q-H stepper drive is ATEX and IECEx certified for Class I, Zone 2 locations, and UL certified for Class 1, Div 2, Group C & D locations. These certifications cover the use of the drive in hazardous locations throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

The development of the STAC6-Q-H stepper drive is the result of Applied Motion’s dedication to developing high performance motor drives that meet the specific needs of its customers. The drive provides the same high level of performance provided by existing STAC6 stepper drives, while adding certification for use in hazardous locations. Jason Jones, Regional Sales Manager, said,

“We are excited to expand our stepper drive product offering with the STAC6-Q-H, the only stepper drive in the world that is certified internationally by UL, ATEX, and IECEx. This global coverage gives our partners operating in hazardous environments in the oil, gas and printing industries a best-in-class solution for their motion control applications. The hazardous location rating on this drive greatly minimizes the cost and time involved with gaining regulatory compliance.”

The STAC6-Q-H provides superior performance when paired with a high quality NEMA 23, 24, 34 or 42 frame step motor. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm ensures optimal torque over a wide speed range, while microstepping ensures smooth, high resolution positioning. The drive is powered by single-phase 120 VAC which generates a nominal 160 volt DC internal bus voltage capable of driving the highest torque NEMA 34 and 42 frame step motors on the market. An encoder feedback option is available for enhanced system accuracy using Applied Motion’s proprietary stall Detection and Stall Prevention features, which overcome common limitations of open loop step motor systems. The drive is capable of running stored programs created with Applied Motion’s Q programming language, and has sufficient input/output signals to connect with multiple external devices or sensors.

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