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Did You Know? New Commands for StepSERVO and SV200

by Matt Cole

The Serial Command Language (SCL) or Streaming Command Language, as it is often called, provides a real time communication link to many of Applied Motion Products’ stepper and servo products. The commands that comprise the SCL command set allow for configuration, motion control, I/O control, and status queries over a network connection such as Ethernet or serial RS-232/422/485. Recently added SCL commands support new features and functionality on the StepSERVO and SV200 servo drive products.

The following is a list of these new commands, as well as their product-type compatibility.

SCL Command Compatibility
AN Analog Torque Gain
CB CANopen Baud Rate  
CN Second Control Mode  
CO CANopen Node ID/IP Address Index  
DD Default Display for Front Panel  
DS Dividing Select  
EH Extended Homing
EN Electronic Gearing Ratio Numerator  
EU Electronic Gearing Ratio Denominator  
FH Find Home
GG Gain Select  
HA Homing Acceleration
HC Hard Stop Current
HL Homing Deceleration
HO Homing Offset
HS Hard Stop Homing
HV Homing Velocity
KG Global Gain 1  
LM Software Travel Limit CCW
LP Software Travel Limit CW
MS Control Mode Select  
PD In Position Counts
PE In Position Timing
PH Pulse Command Inhibit  
PK Parameter Lock  
PV Second Electronic Gearing Setting  
TO Tach Output Setting (TSM only)
TT Pulse Complete Timing
TV Torque Value  
VR Velocity Ripple Value  

The commands common to both the StepSERVO and SV200 products that also support two new standard homing options and one new hard stop homing option are: EH, FH, HA, HC, HL, HO, HS, HV.

Additional commands that are common to both product types support features such as analog torque gain (AN), soft limits (LM and LP), and new step pulse & direction functionality (PD, PE, and TT).

The SV200 series servo drives support a secondary control mode, selectable by digital input and defined via the new CN command. Control of the new front panel display on each SV200 series servo drive can be manipulated with the DD and PK commands. Additional step pulse & direction functionality has been exposed through the DS, EN, EU, PH, and PV commands. Other tuning and torque/velocity reached output commands include GG, KG, MS, TV, and VR.

For more information on these commands, see the latest Host Command Reference manual.

All of these new functions can also be accessed through the graphical user interfaces that are used to setup and configure each product: Step-Servo Quick Tuner and SVX Servo Suite. As always, all software is available for download at no charge.

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