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Did You Know? Labeling, Packaging, Food and Beverage

by Jason Jones

StepSERVO closed loop integrated motors with the Step-Servo Quick Tuner software and built in Q Programmer are well suited for labeling, packaging, and food & beverage applications. StepSERVO integrated motors provide closed loop servo control of position, velocity and torque using high torque step motors. The result is higher acceleration for faster machine cycles, and the motors run cooler and quieter than open loop stepper systems.

As a labeling example, a product sensor can be tied to one of the motor’s digital inputs, triggering a WI (Wait Input) command when the product nears the labeling position. To prevent wrinkling or tearing, the label must be applied at the same speed the product is traveling on the conveyer. To do this the motor measures the conveyer speed from a master encoder whose A/B quadrature signals feed into the motor’s X1 and X2 digital inputs. The FE (Follow Encoder) command automatically ratios the label speed to the master encoder frequency, while monitoring the label sensor to position the label at exactly the right location on the product. The powerful math capability built into Q Programmer provides additional customization and control options.

If your machine or process requires more torque, faster cycle times, and cooler or quieter operation, consider StepSERVO closed loop integrated motors. While you’re at it, check out this latest video that highlights the benefits in torque and throughput that are achievable with StepSERVO motors.

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