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Congratulations to Our Top Performing Distributors

by Eric Rice

In conjunction with the expansion of our successful line of StepSERVO™ closed loop integrated motors, we recently conducted a sales competition for our North American distribution partners. The competition was designed to award the individual distributor salespeople who successfully installed the greatest number of StepSERVO integrated motors over a six-month time period. The competition was a huge success, with a higher-than-expected number of distributor salespeople participating and a wide range of new customers for these high performance products.

Distribution Plays a Major Role

Introducing the new StepSERVO products to our customer base has been a real treat for us, as machine builders and designers from across North America have embraced the technology. Our distribution partners have played a major role in the release process by working closely with existing and potential customers in every region of the country, providing valuable technical and commercial support. As a way to reward our hard-working distributor sales people we created the Sales Incentive Program competition, and are pleased to recognize the winners.

First Place: Mike Ecklund
Burns Controls Company in Dallas, Texas.

Second Place: Charlie White
Precise Motion & Control in Lutz, Florida.

Thanks to Mike, Charlie, and all of our distributor salespeople who participated in the competition and did a great job supporting these products!

Better Performance than Open Loop

StepSERVO™ closed loop stepper technology is The Next Evolution in Step Motor Technology. StepSERVO integrated motors provide more torque than traditional open loop stepper systems, enabling faster acceleration rates and greater throughput in every application. In addition, StepSERVO motors run cooler, more efficiently, and quieter than traditional motors. Learn more here.

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