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Did You Know? Product lines that support Q Programming

by Eric Rice

Many of our customers take advantage of the benefits of Q Programming, our text-based programming language designed for simple yet powerful programming of single axes. Q Programming incorporates commands for various kinds of motion, I/O control and sequencing, and math functions that enable users to create all kinds of motion control sequences and algorithms, from the most basic to very advanced.

A Wide Variety of Uses

We have customers that use the Q Programming language to completely sequence all of the motion and I/O operations of their machines with no other logic controller or PLC in the system. These same customers often interface our drives directly with 3rd party HMIs to create rich operator interfaces, again without any PLC in between. We have other customers that use Q Programming to perform advanced motion control algorithms, such as precision pump metering and valve control using complex move profiles and analog positioning functions. Many of these customers also link multiple axes back to a primary controller for exchanging system parameters on the fly, like flow rates, target volume levels, and setpoint angles. Other customers manage all of their machine control over fieldbus or industrial Ethernet, but still utilize Q Programming by storing motion sequences in our drives and triggering those sequences over the network.

Available on So Many Products

Possibly the best feature of Q Programming, aside from its powerful command set, is that it is available in every family of stepper drives, integrated steppers, servo drives, and StepSERVO™ integrated motors that we sell. That means no matter the type of motor you’re using – step motor, servo motor, or StepSERVO motor – and no matter the frame size of the motor – from the smallest NEMA 8 to the largest NEMA 34 and 80 mm frame sizes – a Q Programming option is available to you.

Q Programming supported by all step, servo and StepSERVO product lines

Watch the Introductory Videos

To learn more about the benefits of Q Programming, check out this three-part video series called Welcome to Q Programming. After that, visit our website, choose a product line, and select Q Programming from the list of available Control Modes. You’ll be amazed at just how many products we offer with this easy-to-use yet extremely powerful programming language.

Links to Products with Q Programming

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