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The TXM24Q-3EG StepSERVO™ Integrated Motor

by Eric Rice

If you’re still new to StepSERVO™ technology it’s probably time you checked out some of the introductory resources available, like this white paper, this video, or this recorded webinar, all of which summarize the highlights of this incredible technology. The performance improvements of StepSERVO closed loop technology are very real. By upgrading your traditional step motor system with a StepSERVO closed loop stepper system you too can reap the benefits of closed loop performance, and do so without breaking the bank.

Standout Integrated Motor

One of the standouts of the StepSERVO product line is the TXM24Q-3EG integrated motor. It has the highest amount of holding torque in the line, a whopping 340 oz-in, as well as a peak dynamic torque range of over 400 oz-in. This level of torque is accomplished by making use of the NEMA 24 frame size, which shares some of the same mounting dimensions as the NEMA 23 frame size (i.e. pilot diameter and bolt hole circle), but with a slightly larger body (60 mm square vs. 57 mm square). This larger body allows for a larger diameter rotor to generate more torque.

Built for Harsh Environments

A great feature of the TXM24Q-3EG is its IP65 rated construction, making it rugged enough to handle splash-zone applications where water, oil and other liquids are abundant, as well as in applications with high quantities of dust or other fine particles in the air. If you haven’t seen our IP65 construction technology in action, check out this video. (If you need a higher protection rating like IP67, check out this video of our IP67 rated BLDC motor in action).

Connection Points

The TXM24Q-3EG comes with three M12 circular connectors for connecting power, I/O and Ethernet. There is one power connector for applying a DC supply voltage in the range of 24 to 75 volts. The twelve-pin I/O connector provides access to the motor’s 3 digital inputs, 1 digital output, and 1 analog input. The digital inputs operate with DC voltages between 5 and 24 volts, and can be used for connecting command signals (like Step and Direction), end-of-travel limit switches (CW and CCW), an enable signal, and many other input functions. The digital output can be used as an alarm output to notify the system when a fault has occurred. The analog input accepts 0-5 volts and can be used as a torque, velocity or position reference.

Mating Cables

Because of the popularity of M12 connectors it is easy to find mating cables for the motor’s connectors. Applied Motion offers a full range of mating cables as well, making it easy to order an entire system from one source.


One of our goals at Applied Motion is to provide excellent customer service and support. Part of that mission is to create easy-to-use software tools and documentation for use with our products. The TXM24Q-3EG is no exception. The resources listed below are just some of the tools at your disposal. The full range of documentation available is listed on the product page in the Downloads section.

View the complete line of StepSERVO integrated motors here.

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