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Tech Spotlight: The STR2 Stepper Drive

by Eric Rice

Even though it's the smallest stepper drive in our line up, the STR2 stepper drive has some very big shoes to fill. It is the successor to the venerable 2035 drive, which was our very first standard drive offering and is still in production after 23 years! Fortunately for the STR2 it has an arsenal of performance benefits that allow it to outshine it's older brother.

Benefits of the STR2 Stepper Drive

For starters, the STR2 is a microstepping drive like no other. Whereas the 2035 is a most basic full and half step drive (200 steps/rev and 400 steps/rev, respectively, with a 1.8 degree step motor), the STR2 can subdivide full steps into a whopping 125 microsteps (25,000 steps/rev with the same 1.8 degree motor). The STR2 also has a proprietary anti-resonance algorithm that enables it to run the same step motors much smoother than the 2035, and with less audible noise. And maybe best of all, the STR2 can microstep even when your step pulse signal is limited to full or half step resolution. This nifty feature is called microstep emulation and makes upgrading from a 2035 to an STR2 a snap.

Another great advantage of the STR2 is that it can be supplied with up to 48 volts DC, whereas the 2035 operates up to 35 volts maximum. If you're using a 24 volt supply today and are dissatisfied with the top speed you can reach, moving up to a 48 volt supply will likely make all the difference. The higher bus voltage also makes the STR2 a logical choice for larger NEMA 23 motors.

Finally, all of the benefits of the 2035, like easy setup with just a few dip switches and only a few connection points to manage, have been carried through to the STR2, making the STR2 a worthy heir to the 2035's longevity throne.

We're still making the 2035 (great, simple designs have a way of sticking around), but if you're thinking it's time to bring your NEMA frame size 8, 11, 14, 17 or 23 step motor performance up to a new level, it's time to take a look at the new kid in town, the STR2!

And oh yeah, did we mention the STR2 is half the price of the 2035? Check it out here.

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