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Introducing our Newest, Most Compact StepSERVO™ Motors

by Jeff Kordik

The successful line of StepSERVO™ closed loop integrated motors continues to expand with the addition of three NEMA 11 frame models. The TSM11 StepSERVO integrated motors offer the same features and performance benefits of the NEMA 17 and 23 frame StepSERVO motors, but in a much smaller package.

These benefits include:

  • Increased acceleration & efficiency
  • Decreased position error (and increased accuracy)
  • Decreased motor heating & audible motor noise
  • Small size for space-constrained applications

Three lengths of the TSM11 are available:

  • TSM11Q-1RM (1.72 inches long, 9.2 oz-in torque)
  • TSM11Q-2RM (2.08 inches long, 11.3 oz-in torque)
  • TSM11Q-3RM (2.52 inches long, 17.7 oz-in torque)

All models include:

  • Step & direction mode
  • Velocity control
  • Point to moves (absolute, relative, homing, feed to sensor and encoder following)
  • Stored Q programs for standalone motion or in combination with a host PC, PLC or HMI
  • Streaming commands over RS-485 network using Applied Motion’s famous SCL language or Modbus RTU for easy interface to popular PLC’s and HMI’s.
  • 2 programmable inputs and 2 programmable outputs

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