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Did You Know? NEW Software for Servo Drives

by Jason Jones

Applied Motion recently released a new line of SV200 Digital Servo Drives. Along with excellent functionality and performance, the SV200 digital servo drives are complemented by great software available as a free download from our website.

The SVX Servo Suite software provides a comprehensive and powerful environment for setting up SV200 servo drives. Auto-Tuning, parameter optimization, configuration, programming and troubleshooting functions are all available within the software.

Motion Simulation tab

One of the many user friendly features of this software provides you with a quick and convenient way to test motion. The Motion Simulation tab allows you to simulate and test various motion parameter settings without having to write program code. The Motion Simulation tab provides move simulations for Point to Point, Homing and Jog type moves.

Point to Point Moves

The first step in the Motion Simulation tab is to initialize the motion parameters of velocity, acceleration and deceleration.

First step: Initialize Parameters.

To run a Point to Point Move, set the distance or position of the move using the “Command Distance” field. Then click either the “Absolute Move” or the “Relative Move” button to initiate motion. The “Stop” button can be clicked to interrupt motion that is already in progress.

Within the Point to Point Move settings is an option for initiating a Move to Sensor. This type of move starts the motor running in the designated direction and stops the motor automatically when the designated input condition is met. To run this simulation first set the input number, direction of rotation, and input condition. Then click the “Move to” button to initiate motion.

Point to Point Move settings and buttons.

Homing moves

The Homing settings within the Motion Simulation tab allow for setting the homing mode, home sensor and state, search speeds, acceleration/deceleration, offset, and other parameters.

There are three possible homing modes that can be simulated:

  • Sensorless Hard Stop Homing
  • Homing with Sensor
  • Homing with Sensor and Encoder Index

After selecting the desired homing mode and setting the related parameters, click the “Start” button to initiate motion. Click the “Stop” button to interrupt motion that is already in progress. Click the “Diagram” button to view a graphical representation of the details for each homing mode.

Homing settings.

More information

For the complete overview of features and capabilities of this software visit the SVX Servo Suite page to download the software and manual. For assistance selecting the right product for your application or for any other questions you might have, please contact us.

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