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Did You Know? New 3D Printer from 3DP Unlimited

by Don Macleod

Applied Motion Products recently took delivery of a 2nd generation 3D printer manufactured by 3DP Unlimited. This new 3D printer is one of the largest available with a work area of around 1m by 1m by 1/2m. This massive work area allows developers to explore the characteristics of large scale prototypes quickly to either confirm performance prior to tooling commitment or make a functioning part in the case of one-off unique requirements.

The new unit uses 5 axes of motion powered by Applied Motion size 23 integrated step motors for 3D Cartesian positioning and two Moons’ step motors for feeding the thermoplastic printer filament to two independent fusion heads. The integrated motor, by combining the drive electronics and motor in one economical and compact high torque package, is an ideal solution for this type of application.

While this machine is a great example of the application of our technology to industrial machinery the 3D printer has also become a useful tool in our product development effort, enabling the rapid development of components for our customers. Some examples shown below include: encoder covers, manufacturing test fixtures, motor mounting hardware and cable strain relief mechanisms.

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